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Heavy Duty 316 Stainless Steel Deluxe Countertop Water Distiller by Megahome

Stainless Steel & Gloss Black, and comes with a glass collection carafe, porcelain nozzle insert, carbon pouches and descaler kit.

Benefits and Features:

Make 100% pure, safe, quality drinking water, guaranteed
316 SS Boiling Chamber, for corrosive water, sea water…
Produces 16 litres or 4 gallons per day
Easy to operate and easy to clean
Designer glass collection carafe
Porcelain Nozzle Insert Included
No installation required
Countertop space-saving design, mobile, durable.
Built-in automatic thermostatic temperature control sensor that switches off the distiller when the process is finished.
All Stainless steel inner chamber
Activated carbon pouches guarantee fresh tasting, odorless drinking water.
1 Year Warranty
Here at The Water Guy we have sold Megahome’s distillers for many years and can a test to their quality and durability.\

What’s in the box?:

Water Distiller System
Power cord
Glass Designer collection carafe
Instruction Booklet
1 Year Warranty
Scale/Residue cleaner (250g jar)
One box with six sashes/pouches of activated carbon.
Porcelain Nozzle Insert (which holds the carbon pouches)


Size: 20cm Diameter, 36cm Height, 40cm Width (includes glass collection bottle)
Power Consumption: 580W (Total) Heater 565W & Cooling Fan 15W
Power source: AC 110/120V 60Hz Standard North American Plug Type
Weight: 6.0kg
Capacity: 4 liters per cycle maximum output 16 litres or 4 US gallons of distilled water per day.
316 Stainless Steel Boiling Chamber
Part # MH943SBS-316SS+glassbottle+PN
Made in Taiwan
Megahome, the world leader in micro distillation

Weight 6000 g
Dimensions 30 × 31 × 43 cm


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