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Countertop Essential Oils, Medicinal Tinctures and Alcohol Distiller by Megahome

Finished in Stainless Steel & Gloss Black, and comes with a glass collection carafe/bottle.

This special distiller heats at a lower temperature than our other dedicated water type distillers to allow for the proper production of Essential oils, Medicinal plant extracts such as cannabis oil, Tinctures like Echinacea and many types of Alcohol products too.

Benefits and Features:

Safe and easy to operate
Easy to clean
Designer glass collection carafe
New – Stainless Steel upper screen (see picture gallery for more information).
No installation required
Countertop space saving design, mobile, durable.
Built-in automatic thermostatic temperature control sensor that switches off the distiller when the process is finished.
Stainless steel inner chamber
1 Year Warranty
Discrete outer and inner packaging labeled as a water distiller.
Here at The Water Guy we have sold Megahome’s distillers for over 16 years and can attest to their quality and durability.

What’s in the box?:

120v Main distiller unit
North American Power cord
Glass collection carafe (heat resistant)
1 year Warranty
Scale/Residue cleaner (250g jar)
One box with six sashes/pouches of activated carbon.
Includes one carbon filter holder nozzle to connect the distiller’s spout to the lip of the designer glass bottle.


Size: 20cm Diameter, 36cm Height, 40cm Width (includes glass collection bottle)
Power Consumption: 335W (Total) Heater 320W & Cooling Fan 15W
Power source: AC 110/120V 60Hz Standard North American Plug Type
Weight: 5.9Kg
Capacity: 4 liters per cycle maximum output 16 litres or 4 US gallons per day.
Stainless Steel Boiling Chamber
Made in Taiwan
Megahome, the world leader in micro-stills

Notes on Recipes and uses:

Using up to 60% isopropyl alcohol for extraction has been approved by testing against leaking seals. Using higher percentages may cause leaking in the main seal. Seals can be removed and let to dry out as they may have become saturated with alcohol.
We often receive emails regarding the uses and methods to produce many things.Certainly, the internet itself can provide much information on these subjects and there are many books out there with tried and true recipes and best practices help. Look for something a bit more than just an online recipe, try find a reputable author that has done their homework.
Another thing we get asked is about the legalities of producing Alcohol, Plant Extracts, Herbal Tinctures and Medical Marijuana Oils… these are local issues and one should familiarize oneself with what pertains to you in your area regardless of how ridiculous and archaic they may seem.
This is not a water distiller.

Weight 5900 g
Dimensions 30 × 28 × 42 cm


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