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by Dean Camfferman


The Power of One

musicWe’ve all done it. Whether it’s our New Year’s resolution or another idea that got us excited for a while, it’s hard to keep the excitement going day after day. There are a million and one things that need our attention and after a while the goals we set for ourself just get pushed to the back burner until eventually they get neglected and end up as another dream we never achieved. But it doesn’t have to be that way. All it takes is a little effort every day.

A number of years ago I discovered the ukulele. I loved the sound of it and decided to teach myself to play. I took a few lessons to get started and was soon on my way. One of my instructors told me that if I wanted to be successful all I had to do was play for one minute each day. It really worked. Five years later, I have written a number of my own compositions and continue to play this versatile instrument. Although there have been many days that I didn’t play for a minute, I have definitely played an average of one minute every day. There were days I practiced a new song for an hour or more. Based on the minute per day rule I should have played my uke for 30.42 hours. 365 X 5 divided by 60 = 30.42 hours. I’m sure I’ve far exceeded that number.

Everyone, no matter how busy they are has one minute a day to work on their goals. It’s amazing how quickly 1 minute grows to 2 minutes, to 5 minutes etc. Using this method does a number of things for us. Firstly, it gets us out of the mindset that we have this giant Herculean task before us that seems impossible to complete. By focussing on the One Minute Principle, we can accomplish ANYTHING. Here are a couple of examples:

Weight loss. Do something related to your weight loss goal every day for one minute. Reading something about getting healthy naturally will give you ideas that you can use in your weight loss plan.

Quitting smoking: I love this one. The best advice I can give to people who are struggling with this addiction is to just do one thing: Don’t smoke one cigarette: the next one. That’s it. Instead of thinking, it’s hard to quit, I’ve failed many times to quit, therefore I can’t quit try thinking this way. I only need to not smoke one cigarette: the next one. That’s all. Every time we succeed, we build up the no smoking habit. If we succumb to the desire we just need to start over without feeling that we failed and reinforcing the idea that we can’t do it. As long as you just focus on saying no to the next one for the rest of your life you can’t help but succeed and you will discover that it really wasn’t that hard to do.

Remember the power of one: one minute, one action, one no, one yes will eventually lead to accomplishing the seemingly impossible. And you’ll have fun doing it.

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The Weekly Health Minute


Dean Camfferman