Using Regenurex 12 mg for the 30 day challenge

Dean CamffermanHI Phil, we are recommending the above for the 30 day challenge. Would we just recommend 1 capsule per day for 30 days or what? See our link below….P

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Hi Dean,

Running the 30-day challenge for new users is a great way to engage customers and make sure they feel the effects! I’ve revised the copy a bit, see below. We are in the process of phasing out our free-bottle promo for online customers and unfortunately can’t offer it to retail customers.

Four 12 mg softgels a day is quite a lot, and actually higher than the 40 mg recommended limit from Health Canada. 2 per day should absolutely suffice, if it’s taken properly. If people take more than their body needs, or aren’t taking it with health oils or fats, it won’t absorb completely and turn their stool orange. When people come to you and ask about it (and they will!), just suggest they ease off to 1 per day or make sure they are taking it the right way. Hope the revisions work for you, excited to hear how it goes!

On a different note – we’re expanding our product line! We are considering launching a smaller, 30x 12 mg bottle with an MSRP of $29.99 targeted towards first-time customers who may balk at the $50-$60 buy-in for our 60 count bottle. How do you think that would work in your store?

We’ve also launched Regenurex for pets, called X10. I mention this because I see that you carry a few pet products. It seems to have quite the rejuvenating effect on senior dogs. The MSRP is $39.99 and we can give you better margins since it isn’t listed with Ecotrend (yet). Wholesale is $22.80, our MOQ is 6, and if you buy 12, it will come in a pop-up display and we’d throw in 2 extra bottles. For you, we could hand-deliver ? Let me know if you are interested.

Have a great Friday and weekend ahead!


Take the Regenurex 30-Day Challenge!
It’s simple and you’ll actually feel the effects! Here’s how it works:

12 mg, 60 caps

1. Purchase one bottle of Regenurex today at Surrey Natural Foods. At the same time, write down your top one or two physical ailments, such as joint pain, muscle pain, poor vision, energy, mental fog, poor skin health, etc. (This step is important!)

2. Take one softgel each day for the first week. Then, two softgels each following day; one with a meal at breakfast and one with a meal later in the day, ideally around lunch. Continue for 30 days until you finish the bottle.

3. When taking your softgels, make sure to aid the absorption by eating health oils or fats (e.g. Greek yogurt, cheese, butter, beef, avocado, eggs, fish, nuts, dark chocolate, MCT, coconut, olive or omega oil). Just taking Regenurex with water may compromise its effects.

4. After 30 days, revisit your list of ailments. Go to our Facebook or Instagram and share your experience.

5. As a thank you, we’ll give you $10 OFF your next bottle when you buy in-store!X10 Pricing – 2Level-Whls-US – 1.0.pdf  ·  Print