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18 Daily Essential Vitamins and Minerals

•  Convenient, one a day, specialty tablet

•  B complex vitamins for energy production

•  Antioxidants and zinc to help protect your immune system

Focus on your core vitamins and minerals with Vitality Time Release Super Multi+. Formulated with plant fibre to gradually release, absorb and effectively use a range of 18 essential vitamins and minerals to maintain your good health. Vitality provides your body’s daily required vitamin A, C, E, iodine for healthy thyroid function, B vitamins for energy support, iron and zinc for immunity.

Time Release for Enhanced Delivery:

Vitality Time Release products are designed with plant fibre to slowly dissolve to support effective absorption and use of nutrients by your body. This slow release works more naturally with your body and is gentle on the stomach.

Time Release gradually releases nutrients including water soluble B and C vitamins which need to be replaced daily and quickly flush from your body.

Weight 198 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 13.5 cm


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