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Good Health Begins in the Intestines

Your digestive health and overall well-being are our top priorities. Our original artisan fermented drink Vita Biosa10+ is a broad-spectrum liquid probiotic for the whole family. This tangy and invigorating beverage is lovingly hand-crafted by the brewmasters at Biosa Inc. It provides 10 probiotic strains plus all the goodness that comes from the triple-fermentation of organic molasses and a unique herbal tea.

Why Fermented Liquid Probiotics?

Vita Biosa10+ contains fermented probiotics that are the best source of good gut bacteria, and what this all means for you. The Vita Biosa probiotics brands and company are driven by a commitment to help people like you. The reason we exist is to share with the world all we know about beneficial microbes.

Liquid Probiotic with 10 Complementary Strains

Vita Biosa10+ (“ten plus”) is a premium fermented beverage and contains beneficial microbes that are essential for maintaining balanced microflora in your gastrointestinal tract. The “+” refers to the extra goodness you get from Vita Biosa’s triple-fermentation process.

Having “good gut bacteria” promotes regularity, improves nutrient absorption, and aids in digestion. Vita Biosa10+ leverages an artisanal blend of herbs, organic sugarcane molasses, and a recipe developed by probiotics pioneers over the last 20 years. Our 10 complementary probiotic strains were carefully chosen to provide a varied and broad-spectrum benefit and include L. acidophilus, L. casei, Bifidobacterium and more.

Because of the complex flavours that occur from Vita Biosa’s ingredients and hand-crafted brewing, the taste of Vita Biosa10+ is beautifully unique. Some describe it as tangy and reminiscent of an unsweet apple cider with a delightful molasses aftertaste (all the sugars in the molasses have been fermented to 0 g in the resulting product). If you’re looking for a probiotic product that you can drink that’s got no dairy and 0 sugar, this is a great brand to try. There’s a reason the Vita Biosa company has been around for as long as they have is people simply love Vita Biosa10+.

Drink it Cold and Refrigerate Upon Opening

After opening, Vita Biosa10+ needs to be stored in a dark and cool place below 8°C so in a fridge is best. Sediment can form at the bottom of the bottle so it’s fine to shake it gently before consuming. For the best drinking experience have it really cold! And for best quality try to finish the bottle within about a month of opening. The company also make other probiotics brands that may be of interest to you.

Weight 620 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 18 cm

Vita Biosa, 500ml/17.6oz, Vita Biosa, 1 Liter/35oz


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