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About Oro de Genave:

In 1985 a group of farmers from the area of Génave came up with the idea of ecologically farming olives. The idea was that the benefits of doing so would not only mean producing healthier olives, but at the same time they would be protecting the environment. By doing so, from this quality over quantity philosophy came the first ecologically produced olive oil in Spain, which was 100% pesticide-free, and free from all chemical fertilizers, ensuring the purity and quality of the olive oil from the very first drop.

The real ecological olive oil farmer has learned to live with and respect the local wildlife and flora of his surroundings. He has also learned how to naturally control pests without damaging the ecosystem, whilst aiming to protect the natural and personalised nature of the production process.

About the Oro de Genave Olive Oil:

The Most Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is a yellowish-green colour, and smells of fresh fruit, with hints of apple, fig and freshly-cut grass. It has a well-balanced, fresh taste with subtle bitter and spicy overtones.

It is taken from the best selection of olives from the ecological crop, which are 100% free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides within the Nature Reserve of Sierras de Segura, Cazorla and Las Villas.

Its fresh aroma and fruity flavour make it especially suitable to use cold, such as on salads, toast, in sauces and for flavouring meat and fish.

Weight 948 g
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 28 cm


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