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“Excellent book. Backed up by numerous references from the medical literature. . . Considerable value for doctors (and other health care professionals) who have become discontented with what is being advocated by the orthodox authorities.”

(Erik T. Paterson, M.D.)

“Saul uses a sharp wit in advocating for vitamins and attacking the medical and pharmaceutical professions.”

(The Batavia Daily News, November 30, 2005)


“Study this valuable book, master its contents, and then when you see your doctor you will be able to discuss intelligently how to get well. If you find he or she yawns, shuffles about, looks through files, and become very impatient, then fire your doctor.”

(Abram Hoffer, M.D.)


“This superb book should be in every home.”

(Steve Hickey, Ph.D., School of Biology, Chemistry and Health Science, Manchester Metropolitan University)


“Andrew Saul’s new book Fire Your Doctor! explains some of the best known nutrients now being used to improve cardiovascular health. He’s a real stickler for providing reliable research based advice.”

(Vitality magazine, February 2006)

“Empowering. An enjoyable, practical and easy-to-read book. I highly recommend this book to everyone, including physicians who wish to provide a comprehensive natural-health care program for their clients.”
(John I. Mosher, PhD, State University of NY Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences)

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