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Andrew Saul says that his kids never once had an antibiotic. This is reason enough to read his new book, DOCTOR YOURSELF: Natural Healing the Works. Saul, formerly a Visiting Assistant Professor of Health Science at the State University of New York College at Brockport, has utterly abandoned traditional “food groups” nutrition. Instead, he focuses on what readers really want to know: exactly how can we prevent and cure illness without drugs or surgery? Which vitamins and which minerals have the most powerful therapeutic uses? How much do we really need to take? How will my kids benefit? How can we do this inexpensively and safely? And why haven’t we heard about this sooner?

Saul says that decades of clinical research already prove the value of intensive nutrition therapy with very large doses of vitamins and other nutrients. This new, revised edition of DOCTOR YOURSELF now contains over 400 large pages of concentrated information and motivation. The book is carefully substantiated with scientific studies, at times providing more references than many readers want but no more than skeptics need. Saul says we need education, not medication, and that we should “stop living with illness and learn to live without illness.” That’s one tall order, yet our nation annually spends over one trillion dollars on health care and we still lose over a million people every single year from cancer and heart disease. Even if Saul is only partly right, it could still save thousands of lives and billions of dollars, and immeasurable pain and suffering.

But back to his kids: how did they grow up to be college age without ever having even one dose of an antibiotic? The answer is clear when Saul explains the antibiotic, antihistamine and antiviral properties of vitamin C. Can this really be the end of ear infections? Of bronchitis? If so, then what else? His considerable experience with family, students and many clients fill the book with one very readable anecdote after another, all tightly held together with scientific evidence from controlled clinical studies.

Dr. Saul is a natural medicine specialist. He has a Masters degree in education, a nontraditional Ph.D. in Human Ethology, and has taught Clinical Nutrition to many hundreds of practicing health professionals. He has been in private practice as a natural healing consultant for over 35 years. It shows. Every page of DOCTOR YOURSELF is full of facts, practical hints, and Saul’s appealing (or is that appalling?) sense of humor. For example, his “Evading Exercise” chapter is an often-hilarious ode to nudity, which all the while slyly prods the reader to get up and work out.

But there are no punches pulled when he discusses cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, and alcoholism. This is serious material, and his presentation of the facts is relentless. Dr. Saul makes a strong case for the aggressive nutritional treatment of many killer diseases. DOCTOR YOURSELF covers a large number of additional topics, including ADHD and learning disabilities, allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, asthma, backache, dermatitis, diabetes, epilepsy, fertility, fibromyalgia, hepatitis and cirrhosis, immune dysfunction, children’s health, Ménière’s syndrome and tinnitus, menopause, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, PMS/PMDD, pregnancy and lactation, psoriasis, schizophrenia and psychosis, sleep disorders, vaccinations, vitamin safety, intravenous vitamin C, radiation sickness, weight loss, and even varicose veins.

And that is just Part One.

In Part Two, “Natural Healing Tools and Techniques,” you will find exactly how to do “Saul’s Super Remedy,” employ vitamin C megadose therapy, get to niacin saturation, get the most out of vegetable juicing, make a “Breakfast Blast,” correctly use vitamin B12, reduce stress, remove pesticides from your food, understand the difference between natural and synthetic vitamins, get the truth on vitamin safelty, and even learn how to spot anti-vitamin biases in a scientific study.

Overall, DOCTOR YOURSELF contains an enormous amount of simple, practical, how-to information on natural healing therapies. As Saul puts it, “I do not stay up late at night making all this up. I’ve collected the safest and most effective healing approaches that I can find from physicians worldwide. Results are all that matter to me. Natural healing is an alternative that works.”

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