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Article by Jared Toay

What is the second brain in the human body? Do we have a brain as powerful as the brain in our head? The second brain is our gut and controls many things.

When we use the term “second brain”, this is a very powerful statement, so t’s important to understand how important the gut is (and can be) to our overall health. Taking a step back, we see the body has particular cells that perform particular functions. That’s their 24 hour a day job.
There are neurons that compose different parts of your brain and its nerves, but there are also about 100 million neurons in your intestines. That’s actually more neurons found in your spinal cord.

So why is this important and how does it apply to understand the importance of our guts? These neurons in our intestines actually allow you to “feel” your body from the inside out. It’s why most of us say we feel a certain way when mentioning our instincts or those “feelings” we have telling us what to do.

Looking at it from a physiological angle, it’s no surprise then how these neurons functioning within our gut has allowed science to label it as the “2nd brain”. There are certain bacteria that can link up with this secondary brain to affect how we think, what we feel, and how we react to our environment.

Is it any surprise then that the gut is what is considered the second brain. Those neurons in your gut do many things which control our gut feelings, and for many this might even do more than the brain on the top of our body does anyway.

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