At Surrey Natural Foods, we are fascinated by natural healing. We have used our products and conquered our own health challenges. We believe in “paying the farmer, not the doctor.”

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality health products for your unique needs.

Here are the faces you will see in our store. We are a fun and helpful bunch. Don’t be shy with us! We’ve heard everything and we truly care about your health.


Dean Camfferman

Dean Camfferman

Dean Camfferman
Official Titles: Owner, Visionary, and General

“It’s better with two feet above ground than six feet under.”

Dean took over Surrey Natural Foods in 2011 but the store has been serving Surrey since 1975.

When Dean was in his 40’s, he suffered from low energy. It was through the learning of Chi Gong, an ancient Chinese healing energy exercise and technique, that Dean became interested in human health.

Dean’s favourite health products are chia seeds, vitamin C, and kombucha.

He has been married to his lovely wife for 37 years. He also has three grown sons, one grand-dog, three grand-cats, and his first grandson is on the way. He is a lover of music and plays the ukulele, guitar, and banjo. Check out his Youtube channel to hear some of his original tunes.

Dean is a founding member of the Whalley Community Improvement Association, as well as the Canadian Natural Products Alliance. He is passionate about health and peoples’ right to access natural health supplements.



Daniel Camfferman and Scout


Daniel Camferrman
Official Titles: Jack of All Trades and Eye Candy

“The mind is like a parachute, it’s only useful when it’s open. Otherwise, it’s just dead weight.”

Daniel describes himself as a lone wolf and a “nerd-tastic” nerd who loves computers. He lives in Burnaby with his dog, Scout.

His interest in natural health started after he experienced a bad reaction to medications. He also cites seeing “the death of loved ones” as an instigator for his natural health journey.

Dan enjoys working in the family business. His philosophy when it comes to health is “live long and prosper.” His favourite health products are Vita Biosa and Beautiful Curls Shampoo.




Official Title: Greeter


Scout became interested in natural health because his Dad told him to. His hobbies are eating, sleeping, running, and being cute.

He loves working at Surrey Natural Foods because people pet him and he gets treats. His claim to fame is that he can run “really, really fast.”

Scout’s philosophy when it comes to health is, “I’m hungry.” His favourite product is Happy Tails Dog Food.







(In her own words)

As a longtime Surrey resident, working at Surrey’s original Health Food Store is a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Every day brings new opportunities to help people along in their quest for health, energy and well-being. No matter where we are on this path, there are always steps we can take to feel better and there is always more to learn.

People come to the store to buy their regular groceries, pick up a few supplements, and often stay to chat for a while and exchange ideas on health issues.

We have a lot of customers who are glad they can get what they need close to home, as well as customers who are in town for only a day or two and make the store a special stop during their visit.

This is my favorite store and I hope it will be yours too! See you soon!