Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous is the residue of tiny plants called Diatoms. All the waters of the earth are inhabited by Diatoms. They are so small that one drop of water could contain hundreds of them. These one-celled plants take the minerals from the water and build themselves a protective shell. As they die, these shells settle on the bottom of the lakes or oceans and over time they form large deposits that fossilize into a chalk-like material called Diatomaceous earth.

What are the health benefits of Diatomaceous Earth?

The main component of DE is silica. Silica benefits the human body in many amazing ways. It is used in the formation and development of collagen. Collagen is the tough fibrous material that holds us together. The lack of adequate collagen in our body is a major contributor to aging. Problems such as joint deterioration, brittle bones, hardening of the arteries, dry skin, wrinkled skin, poor digestion, weak teeth and gums and weakening of organs are all a result of insufficient silica in the body. The health benefits of DE are many and include such things as: cardiovascular improvement, bone density improvement, improved joint health, balancing body ph, reduction of bowel inflamation and many many more.

How do I take Diatomaceous Earth?

1 – 2 tablespoons in a glass of water are sufficient to ensure adequate stores of DE for overall health.

[su_box title=”One Customer’s Experience With Diatomaceous Earth”]12495188_498005743717122_1885286839400875710_n[1]Hey Dean, I just wanted to share a testimonial with you about a product I purchased from Surrey Natural Foods.

I have been suffering with severe, disabling spondyloarthritis – an autoimmune condition that affects my joints effectively making every little thing I do a challenge. The pain was unlike anything I can describe. I could barely get myself out of bed, or stand up off the toilet.

Depending on which joints were affected on any given day, I was in a wheelchair, on crutches, unable to turn doorknobs, take lids off jars, or even get myself dressed or undressed. I could not sit on the floor, pick up my toddler, or do anything I had always taken for granted.

I would wake up at 5 am and take Advil so that my pain would decrease enough by 7 am to make my kid’s school lunches and drive them to school. My kids had become my nursemaids, doing everything I couldn’t do.

Watching me cry as I forced myself to scrape the car windows through my pain or when I accidentally banged one of my swollen painful joints. The pain was truly indescribable.

Doctors told me I would never live a normal life again unless I went on immuno-suppressant drugs. In and out of the hospital with a compromised immune system (thanks to a vaccine injury), I was often confronted in my hospital bed by doctors who came to know me well and continued to pressure me to take heavy duty drugs that would require intravenous injections every two weeks and came with all kinds of horrible side effects including an increase in the likelihood of developing cancer. I resisted.

I changed my diet and began trying every supplement I could find that purportedly reduced joint pain and inflammation. Some supplements would help a little, but nothing gave me my life back. Soon, the mass amounts of Advil I took just to get by ate away at my stomach lining, causing excruciating pain that would radiate through my back and feel like a tension band was wrapped around my chest squeezing the life out of me. I spent hours, days, weeks in bed only getting up to do things I had no choice but to do – go to the bathroom, take care of my children, let the dog out.

Often I would lose hope and consider going on the drugs that my doctors assured me would give me my life back. But I am so thankful I didn’t give in. After experimenting with too many supplements to remember, I tried the one that would give me my life back. Diatomaceous Earth.

I heard about it from a friend on Facebook, so I purchased a bucket from Surrey Natural Foods and began a new chapter in my life. Within 2.5 weeks, all the swelling in my joints had disappeared and I had begun reducing pain meds (which were Tylenol for arthritis by then).

Each day, I waited for the pain to come back. Some days my joints were worse than other days, but I continued to have much less pain and use much less pain medication. By 2.5 months, I wasn’t taking pain medication anymore except on very rare occasions. I was no longer waking up in unimaginable pain. And that was just the beginning.

By 3.5 months, I was beginning to do things I haven’t been able to do in so long. I didn’t have to ask my children for help anymore. I was opening my own lids and could even chase my toddler in a weird limping way. The limping was not from the joint pain anymore though. It was because after so many years of being disabled, my muscles had become weak.

It has been four months now and I am ASTOUNDED at the new lease I have on life. I can squat all the way to the floor and stand up again, sit cross-legged, wear high heels, walk briskly, pick up my toddler and chase her, go dancing, and so much more!

I am even working part-time again! The results of taking diatomaceous earth, for me, are nothing short of a miracle. It was the miracle I have been praying for since the pain began in 2013.

I take a TBSP in a glass of water every morning before I eat or drink anything else. That’s all it takes. This one small action has given me back my life. If you have joint pain and inflammation, or any health issue at all, I urge you to try diatomaceous earth.

I’ve experienced added benefits too of being able to bring back foods into my diet that I couldn’t eat before and a huge increase in energy, as well as my hair is growing at an alarming rate and none of it is fallling out. Apparently, DE cleanses our intestines making it easier to absorb nutrients and digest food, as well as giving us silica which is an important nutrient that most adults are very deficient in.

I get teary just thinking about my life only five months ago compared to now. I have my life back.
Trina Rickets[/su_box]