Official Titles: Owner, Visionary, and General
Fav Quote: “It’s better with two feet above ground than six feet under.”

Dean took over Surrey Natural Foods in 2011, but the store has been serving Surrey since 1975.

When Dean was in his 40’s, he suffered from low energy. It was through the learning of Chi Gong, an ancient Chinese healing energy exercise and technique, that Dean became interested in human health. Dean’s favourite health products are chia seeds, vitamin C, and kombucha.

He has been married to his lovely wife for 37 years. He also has three grown sons, one grand-dog, three grand-cats, and his first grandson is on the way. He is a lover of music and plays the ukulele, guitar, and banjo. Check out his Youtube channel to hear some of his original tunes.

Dean is a founding member of the Whalley Community Improvement Association, as well as the Canadian Natural Products Alliance. He is passionate about health and peoples’ right to access natural health supplements.

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