Cold and Flu Supplements

Cure the cold & flu – fast!

Would you like to cure your cold and flu fast? Of course you would, and believe it or not – there are many all natural – ways to eliminate flu symptoms within hours without the need for toxic medications. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure… you’ve heard that a million times, but how does it practically relate to illness prevention? In short, giving the body what it needs and keeping a constant supply of nutrients will help ensure that the body can resist any pathogen it encounters.

The flu, commonly referred to as “seasonal influenza”, is technically an acute viral infection that spreads easily from one immune – compromised person to another. Conventionally speaking, there are 3 types of influenza – A, B and C – which usually generate symptoms including a sudden episode of high fever, chills, dry coughing, head pain, sore throat, runny nose and muscle/joint pain.

First things first, damage control!

Here are some common foods to avoid that actually compromise and bring your immune system down. Refined white sugar puts a load on your immune system so much that while your body processes this evil white toxin, you become open to further illness and extended duration of a flu or cold. 1 can of coke or pepsi has enough sugar and toxins in it that the effectiveness of your immune system is brought down over 70% for 4 hours!

Alcohol is another common ‘no no’ drink that puts a big unnecessary load on your your immune system the more you drink, the longer your cold or flu will last. The absolute key point to remember: As soon as you feel symptoms – respond right away by giving your body more rest, fluids and the proper supplements and nutrition it requires. If not, these symptoms will get worse and be much hard to eliminate quickly.

Attack the virus where it mostly lives!

Since the common cold virus needs a temperature 2 – 3 degrees lower than the body to effectively duplicate, it lives primarily in the sinuses where the temperature is a few degrees lower than the rest of the body. This is WHY the human body reacts to the cold virus by raising the body’s temperature with a fever. Fevers are GOOD! You can add to this effect and add to your body’s killing strategy by breathing hot steam in through your nostrils either in a sauna, or simply with a pot of boiling water under / below your face. This will scorch and kill those little virus critters.

Here are the basic cold and flu supplements to boost right away…

Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3! Vitamin D3 is technically an immune system hormone called Cholecalciferol and is ubiquitously proven to boost your immune system in many different ways including the ways that help prevent and eliminate the common cold and flu.

Medi – C Plus
Vitamin C is the most important nutrient needed in our bodies. It is needed for every single function. People have made what seemed like miraculous recoveries from a multitude of dis-eases by taking large amounts of vitamin C orally and intravenously. For your immune system, Vitamin C will absolutely pump up your white blood cells and give your body the support it needs to prevent and eliminate the cold and flu.

Oil of Oregano
The first thing to know about oregano oil is that it tastes absolutely awful. The second (and perhaps more helpful) thing to know is that it really, really works. We all swear by the stuff, and we’re seeing more mainstream experts begin to tout the oil’s abilities to fight colds and flu, along with a slew of other ailments, such as food poisoning and eczema. Even Dr. Oz is a fan! What does it do? As proponents of the oil claim, each spicy little droplet contains antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties that can fight cold and flu bugs in your body, as well as provide a slight decongestant effect and sooth irritated throats.

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[su_box title=”Flu Vaccinations are proving to be Dangerous” style=”soft” box_color=”#ccec95″ title_color=”#162115″]Educate before you vaccinate! The World Health Organization will tell you that “vaccination is the most effective way to prevent infection.” This is an absurd assertion – especially when you consider that the flu shot actually causes flu symptoms, in many cases and is filled with toxic ingredients including mercury, thimerosal and aluminum. Seriously, what the hell is mercury doing in an injectable liquid? Mercury is a biohazard… period. Conventional medicine has been giving us unscientific flu advice and offers no specific solutions. Again, according to the World Health Organization and most conventionally-trained physicians, the annual flu vaccine is ‘most needed’ by high risk sections of the population like: Pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy, Children aged 6 months to 5 years, Elderly individuals (≥65 years of age), Individuals with chronic medical conditions, Health-care workers. But, wait, there’s one MAJOR problem with this advice. Believe it or not, there’s no aggregated proof or data that the flu shot actually helps any of these people. In fact, flu vaccine manufacturers even admit there is no scientific evidence to suggest that the flushot prevents the flu. This is actually the fundamental problem with vaccines in general. So, before you rush out and get a flu shot – be sure to BOOST your immune system FIRST![/su_box]