AOR – Vegan Vitamin D3


  • Helps prevent osteoporosis
  • Ensures proper calcium absorption
  • Supports the immune system
  • 120 Vegi-Caps
  • 1000 IU per Capsules

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Vitamin D3 is derived from sheepskin oil collected during shearing. It is rapidly converted in the body to the active hormone 1,25 dihydrocholecalciferol. Adequate 1,25 (OH) D is responsible for proper function of bone growth and metabolism, and muscle function. Studies show large sections of the population in the northern latitudes are vitamin D deficient.

The term vitamin as applied to vitamin D is inaccurate because it is synthesized by the skin following exposure to sunlight. Synthesis is dependent upon numerous factors including the type of ultraviolet and intensity, duration of exposure, skin pigmentation, age, altitude, latitude, hour of day and time of season.

Vitamin D Deficiency – A Common Problem in all Age Groups
Vitamin D deficiency is widespread across all population groups. Most physicians recognize that the elderly population is at risk, however it is less appreciated that children, young adults and middle age groups are also at risk. Supplementing with vitamin D can have a positive impact on the ability of the body to fight against illness such as cancer and seasonal affective disorder; it may also benefit chronic pain, autoimmune diseases and many other health conditions.


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