Therapain Liniment, Roll-on, 3 oz/90 ml


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Packaging: Roll on Bottle

Units: 1
Item Unit Volume: 3 oz/90 ml.

Country: Canada

Therapain Roll-on 3 oz/90 ml.

Therapain Roll-on is a powerful topical analgesic. This effective neuro-transmitter block helps to relieve both chronic and temporary pain. With its patented seven step purification process, Therpain’s is able to offer the highest concentration of soothing menthol available. The rare and exotic Brazilian menthol extract is combined with eucalyptus and peppermint oils to create this one of a kind natural product. Therapain can benefit anyone. Arthritis, tendinitis and bursitis sufferers find regular relief with Therapain, and doctors and athletes swear by it. The grease-free and colorless formula does not need to be rubbed in, and will not stain the skin or clothes.

How Does Therapain Roll-on Work?

Therapain Roll-on is a natural pain block. Most nerves can only transmit one signal at any given time. When a another sensation (Therapain) contacts the nerve, an ‘amnesic’ effect cancels the message of pain going to the brain. Because there is no numbing, or drowsy side effects the concern or re-injury to an existing condition is eliminated. The initial cold feeling of Therapain acts as a cold pack, and would be followed in ten minutes by a warming feeling (similar to a heat pad). Because the nerves are confused, this feeling is sometimes described as a ‘tingly’ sensation. The effects of Therapain Roll-on can last for several hours depending on the severity of the condition, and the amount of Therapain applied. The more that is applied, the stronger the effect (which means that Therapain can reach many deep seated pains). The strength is also increased when applied after a warm bath due to the opening of the skin’s pores, making them more receptive. Add a few sprays to a hot bath, or a foot soak.

What Is Therapain Roll-on Made Of?

The main active ingredient in this one of a kind, drug-free product is Brazilian menthol. Brazilian menthol is one of the most rare, exotic and effective natural extracts in the world. The patented purification process brings out the greatest potency of the menthol. Therefore, at a very safe dose Therapain can achieve maximum effectiveness. Other ingredients include secondary denatured alcohol, which is used as a disinfectant and carrying agent. With it, Therapain Roll-on evaporates and dries quickly. Eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil and herbal extracts add to Therapain’s powerful natural formula. Skin emollients in Therapain enhance the pH balance of the product, and replace moisture to the skin.

More Advantages Of Therapain Roll-on

With Therapain, just spray and go. There is no rubbing or massaging necessary. It can be easily applied to hard to reach areas, so those in pain can treat themselves any time. Therapain Roll-on is grease-free, and will not harm or stain clothing. Therapain Roll-on also has a soothing aroma therapy effect that helps to relieve stress.

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