Naka Nutri Cure, 60 Capsules


Nutri CURe Helps Your Body Heal itself

It helps with an array of conditions such as: Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Neck Pain,. Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Tension Headaches, Herniated Disc, Stress,  Injury, Environmental Allergies, Chemical Toxins

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Take a moment to imagine a time when you felt young, healthy,
vibrant, and pain-free. You can feel that way again. If you’re like
millions of people dependant on synthetic drug pain killers for muscle
and joint pain, you’ve also experienced gastrointestinal and other
side effects of these drugs. Get ready to FEEL WELL AGAIN with a
powerful brand-new product made from a traditional kitchen spice!

If you suffer from chronic pain, you want relief fast. The
trouble with over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers is
they often have dangerous side effects. You may not feel it right
now but each time you use an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
drug) or steroid pain reliever, you’re doing a small amount
of damage to your intestines and other organs in your body that
adds up over time.
Excessive use of these pain relievers has been know to lead to
dependency, stomach ulcers, leaky gut syndrome, bleeding
intestines, multiple food and chemical allergies. Each time you
take an over-the-counter or prescription pain reliever you know
you’re risking your health but you just can’t live with the pain.
Good news. You don’t have to gamble with your pain anymore.
Now there’s a brand new super concentrated supplement made
from a powerful kitchen spice that relieves chronic pain and
inflammation, boosts your immune system, and improves your
digestion so you can better absorb nutrients from food.
This pain reliever is called Nutri CURe and it’s unlike any other
pain relieving product on the market; synthetic or natural.
The power of Nutri CURe comes from its synergistic combination
of healing turmeric, inflammation-fighting essential
oils, pain-reliving boswellia, and immune-enhancing olive
leaf extract.
Conventional pain relievers only block your ability to feel pain.
Nutri CURe works with your body in a powerful yet subtle way
to help your body heal itself !
• Arthritis
• Carpal Tunnel
• Neck Pain
• Back Pain
• Fibromyalgia
• Chronic Fatigue
• Tension Headaches
• Herniated Disc
• Stress
• Poor Diet
• Sedentary Lifestyle
• Injury
• Poor Digestion
• Food Intolerance
• Environmental Allergies
• Chemical Toxins
Eases pain and inflammation
Strengthens your immune system
Improves digestion
Detoxifies your body
Speeds wound healing
Prevents infection
Has anti-tumor benefits
What kind of chronic
pain are you in?
What is causing your
chronic pain?
How can Nutri CURe
help you?
It is also important to note that the chemical cleaners and cosmetic
products in your home can contribute to autoimmune disease and
chronic pain. These products contain parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde,
bleach, and volatile organic compounds that interfere
with proper immune, digestive, and neurological function.
The healthier dietary and lifestyle choices you make, the faster and
easier Nutri CURe will work for you. A healthy lifestyle means
your body can focus completely on healing instead of struggling to
protect you from a constant bombardment of toxins from outside
Unlike other natural supplements on the market, Nutri CURe has
only two non-medical ingredients. These ingredients are magnesium
stearate (from a vegetable source) and hypromellose. Nutri
CURe is non-GMO, non-irridated, and comes in a BPA-free
plastic bottle.
When you choose Nutri CURe, you’re not only purchasing one of
the purest, most potent anti-inflammatories on the market, you’re
making a solid investment in your continued health. Nutri CURe
doesn’t just heal your chronic pain and boost your immune system;
it also provides you with added protection against the development
of cardiovascular disease and tumor growth.
Nutri CURe is made and manufactured in Canada and is a health
food store exclusive.
Nutri CURe was designed with you in mind. Maturing in age
shouldn’t mean living with chronic pain. It doesn’t just “come with
the territory”. Don’t accept it. Fight back and heal your body at the
same time with the power of curcumin, the primary healing ingredient
in turmeric. If you’ve tried common turmeric or cayenne
supplements before to treat your chronic pain, you may not have
experienced the type of relief you expected. This could be due to a
few factors. Malabsorption is a common issue in those with chronic
pain. As you mature, digestion slows and enzymes deteriorate.
Also, food allergies and genetically modified food consumption
interfere with critical nutrient absorption.
This is what makes Nutri CURe so unique and beneficial to your
health. Our trademark BCM-95 formula offers a powerful 300
milligrams of pure anti-inflammatory curcumin which is clinically
proven to be 7X more bioavailable than regular turmeric extract.
This means your digestive system can easily absorb it so you’re getting
the most out of every single dose. This is a much more cost-effective
way of treating chronic pain.
The Ingredients in Nutri CURe are Designed to He\

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